Basic commands to manage Exim mail server

The Exim is a light weight & highly configurable message transfer agent (MTA) for Unix or Unix-like operating systems with GNU licence.

When I have to manage web server, I like to use Exim for my applications due to the easiness.

We can easily manage exim via command line.

  • exim -bp - shows messages in queue
  • exim -bpc - shows the no.of messages in queue
  • exim -bP - shows the current configurations of exim
  • exim -bV - shows the version and configuration file of exim
  • exiwhat - Finding out what Exim processes are doing
  • exim -qf - Force another queue run
  • exim -qff - Force another queue run and attempt to flush frozen messages
  • exim -Mvl messageID - View Log for message
  • exim -Mvb messageID - View Body for message
  • exim -Mvh messageID - View Header for message
  • exim -Mrm messageID - Remove message (no errors sent)
  • exim -Mg messageID - Give up and fail message, message bounces to sender
  • exiqgrep -zi - List Mail ID (-z : frozen mails only, -i : display message IDs only)
  • exim -M emailID - Force delivery of one message

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