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The website field in comment form in blogs and CMS help comment authors to make a link towards there website / blog. This is a normal practice to increase traffic towards there website / blog. It help us and them because the number of valuable comments in our article is now consider as a measure of quality of content.

If the comments are valuable for that content and readers, there is a chance to get referral traffic towards the comment authors website / blog. But spammers always utilize this facility to make pure back linking to there website / blog using keywords in comments.

Any way we can easily remove website field in WordPress comment form if it is not necessary.

  • First we want to open child theme’s function.php file.*
  • Copy and paste below code snippet to child theme’s function.php file.

    add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'url_filtered');
    function url_filtered($fields)
      return $fields;
  • Save file, logout from administration panel and check weather website field is available in post comment form.


*Before starting, you need a WordPress child theme and necessary files for it. I already write a post about how we can create a child theme for WordPress in simple steps.

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