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Anchor CMS – a lightweight, minimal & Open Source blog engine

The Anchor CMS is a beautyfull, minimal, amazing light weight & open source blog engine written in PHP. It utilize latest technologies & only deliver what we need to publish our content without distractions.

Can you imagine a PHP blog engine with a file size less than 250KB. The Anchor CMS installation file size is around 200KB. After the installatin, it only consume less than 700KB space for its all files.

The major attraction of Anchor CMS is its minimalist aproch. In user interface & admin interface, it keep the minimalisam. We can write our content in markdown. Also there is only minimal options are avilable in admin interface.

In Anchor CMS website, they described it as a tool for “art diorected blogging”. That means we can make every article unique by adding custom CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to any blog post or page.

If you like to extent your blog, Anchor CMS offer infinite custom fields with posts & pages. Additional to this custom fields, Anchor CMS offer options to add site variable. They are same like custom fields, but they are avilable in site wise instead of posts / pages.

The theme designing on Anchor CMS is simple & we only need some basic knowledge of PHP, HTML & CSS. The Anchor CMS have a beautyfull default theme & we can use it as a base for our customization.

To install & run Anchor CMS, we need PHP 5.3.6 and MySQL 5.2 or above versions. A shared hosting is enough for Anchor CMS. Also we can utilize free tiers of PaaS providers like OpenShift from Red Hat etc.

We can download the latest version of Anchor CMS from its home page. If you have any questions & doubts, you can try official documents & community forum to get help.

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