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Best SEO practices in Meta description

The meta description is an HTML attribute to display short description about our content in Search Engine Result Pages. They don’t have any direct impact on SEO. But if we can make it as well, it can increase visitors towards our web pages.

If you don’t have an idea about Meta Description Tag in HTML, I have a brief intro about Meta Description. Also, I like to suggest some tips to write well optimized meta descriptions.

Number of characters

We want to limit content in meta description tag with in 150 to 160 characters because Search engines only display these range of characters as a search description.

If you like to know more about this limit, I have a detailed post about different search engine’s limit on Meta description & Meta title.

Meta descriptions are our Marketing material

The Meta Descriptions are our marketing material with in 160 characters. So we want to write compelling description within this 160 characters to get more visitors through search.

Use our keywords in Meta description

It is better to use our keywords in meaningful sentence as meta descriptions. Remember that meta descriptions don’t have any impact on SEO & they are curated for humans. So use keywords with in meaningful and compelling description.

Avoid Duplicate meta descriptions

The meta descriptions can act as an intro for our web pages. So we want to make unique meta description for every article.

Quotes will Cut Descriptions

If we quote some thing in Meta Description, Google will cut the description. So it is better to avoid any thing other than alphanumeric in our meta description. Use periods and commas with alphanumeric characters.

Meta Descriptions are built for humans

The meta description are descriptions for humans. So we want to keep it as simple, understandable & genuine.

Have you get an idea to write your next meta description? Try this tips, do some additional readings and maximize visitors through search engine result pages. Happy SEO to you…

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