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Top 10 best WooCommerce shortcodes that help us to sell more

The WooCommerce is an awesome WordPress E-Commerce plugin that help us to sell online with minimal effort. In the WooCommerce home page, it say that WooCommerce now powers 28% of all online stores world wide.

Same like me, I believe that your store is one that already included in this 28%. Else you may be in the planing of starting an online store with WooCommerce.

If so, below you can find a good list of essential & usable WooCommerce shortcodes that help us to sell more.

[products limit="4" columns="4" orderby="popularity" on_sale="true" ]
[products limit="4" columns="2" visibility="featured" ]

Display three top best selling products in one row

[products limit="3" columns="3" best_selling="true" ]

Display 4 newest products

[products limit="4" columns="4" orderby="id" order="DESC" visibility="visible"]

Display products in multiple categories

[products limit="8" columns="4" category="hoodies, tshirts" cat_operator="NOT IN"]

Display products by custom attribute terms

[products columns="3" attribute="season" terms="warm" orderby="date"]
[related_products limit="12"]

Display price & add to cart button of a single product by ID

[add_to_cart id="99"]

Echo add to cart URL of a single product by ID

[add_to_cart_url id="99"]

Display products by product IDs

[products ids="320, 121, 482"]

If we effectively use these short codes in our pages like home page, blog etc, surely we can improve our sales. We need little creativity. That’s enough.

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