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Handle custom form in WordPress

Have you ever tried custom forms in WordPress. It is too easier than you think.

Here is my sample form.

<form method='post' action=''>
	<input name='name' type='text' value='' />
	<?php echo wp_nonce_field('handle_custom_form', 'nonce_custom_form'); ?>
	<input type='submit' value='Submit'/>

Form handling function for sample form is given below. Always strictly validate form fields.

public function wpsa_handle_custom_form()
	if (!empty($_POST['nonce_custom_form']))
		if (!wp_verify_nonce($_POST['nonce_custom_form'], 'handle_custom_form'))
			die('You are not authorized to perform this action.');
		} else
			$error = null;
			if (empty($_POST['name']))
				$error = new WP_Error('empty_error', __('Please enter name.', 'your-text-domain'));
				wp_die($error->get_error_message(), __('CustomForm Error', 'your-text-domain'));
				die('Its safe to do further processing on submitted data.');
				//Process submitted data from here
				//$name = $_POST['name'];

add_action('init', 'wpsa_handle_custom_form');

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