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Hide Paypal Logo from sidebar – Magento 1

In default, Magento themes keep a Paypal logo in right sidebar.

It is little bit tricky to remove this Paypal logo. Actually I can’t find an option to remove that logo from admin end.

So instead of editing code in template files, I just wish to hide that div using CSS.

In Magento, we have an option to add script from back-end. So lets move in to System » Configuration **» **General » Design.

In **HTML Head **section in Design tab, we have a field to add scripts and styles as Miscellaneous Scripts. So I add my CSS code at there.

<style>div.paypal-logo, .sidebar .paypal-logo { display : none; } </style>

Again reloaded my page & now the Paypal logo is disappeared from my sidebar!

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