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Make a theme independent static page for WordPress

When making customization in WordPress themes for clients, often I want to deal with custom designed static pages. It may be a landing page or even a home page for some of them.

Some of these static page is 100% independent with there themes. I want to add some static HTML content and styles on that pages.

In such situations, we can use benefits of WordPress template hierarchy to achieve our goal.

I thought you already made a new page from WordPress dashboard. Just note its page slug or ID for further use.

First we want to make a child theme for our theme & then copy page.php from parent theme to our child theme. This page.php is used to render single pages in WordPress themes.

Then rename that file with our page slug (page URL) like page-about-me.php. Else rename that file with our page ID like page-6.php.

By doing this step, we override our current theme’s template hierarchy with our new page template file.

Normally WordPress themes use page.php file to render single pages. But now we added a new page template page-{slug}.php or page-{id}.php & both of these have more weight than page.php in template hierarchy.

Then remove all content from that file and put our HTML at there. That is enough.

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