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Remove product tabs in single product page - WooCommerce

If we added proper content, there will be 3 tabs in WooCommerce single product page.

  1. Product Description - Post content
  2. Additional Information - Attributes & Values
  3. Reviews

WooCommerce Product Tabs

If you like to remove any of the one or whole, you can use below code in your theme’s functions.php or in your custom module file.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'd3b56mn_remove_product_tabs', 98 );

function d3b56mn_remove_product_tabs( $tabs ) {
	unset( $tabs['description'] );      	// Remove the description tab
	unset( $tabs['reviews'] ); 			// Remove the reviews tab
	unset( $tabs['additional_information'] );  	// Remove the additional information tab
	return $tabs;

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