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Remove shortcut links in WordPress toolbar

//Remove shorcut links in WordPress toolbar
function remove_admin_bar_links() {
	global $wp_admin_bar;
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('wp-logo');          // Remove the WordPress logo
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('about');            // Remove the about WordPress link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('wporg');            // Remove the link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('documentation');    // Remove the WordPress documentation link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('support-forums');   // Remove the support forums link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('feedback');         // Remove the feedback link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('site-name');        // Remove the site name menu
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('view-site');        // Remove the view site link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('updates');          // Remove the updates link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('comments');         // Remove the comments link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('new-content');      // Remove the content link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('w3tc');             // If you use w3 total cache remove the performance link
	$wp_admin_bar->remove_menu('my-account');       // Remove the user details tab
add_action( 'wp_before_admin_bar_render', 'remove_admin_bar_links' );

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