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Simple ways to improve page conversion on product page

The product pages are the most important pages in an E-Commerce store. In almost cases, the elements on this pages are the decision factors for buyers.

Normally, we add too many visual gimmicks on the pages & neglect the real values and content for these pages. The result will be minimal or no sales.

So, here is the few simple tweaks to increase conversion on our product pages.

Add a Frequently Asked Questions section

A FAQ section is always helpful to sort out the customers initial questions about a product. Before buying a product, we are clarifying their doubts.

Integrate a live chat

If possible, integrate a live chat. Else add and option to contact you instantly to ask question about that product. I have added a contact form in my product pages and I always respond as soon as possible to the messages from these forms.

Display product videos

If you have a product specific videos like the manufacturing process, usage etc, we have to add them on the product page.

Allow customer reviews

The reviews may good or bad. But we must provide option to add them on product page.

Show badge or seals

Some of our products may have a badge or seal like sale badge, % discount, organic seal etc. We have to display these badges on our product pages.

Offer a money back guarantee

In some critical situations, we have to pay the paid amount to customer back. It is general in E-Commerce and we have to consider this fact on product pricing.

So always display your money back guarantee on the product page.

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