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The meta title & meta description length limit on Search Engines Result Pages

The meta title & description tags are used to give a brief introduction about our content in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They have huge impact on click towards our web page through result pages.

Already you know that, we want to craft our Meta title & description tag to attract visitors. The title & description must be in a meaningful manner and we want to use our keywords in its. That means, we want to craft meta title & description tags for humans, not for SEO & search engines.

But there is a length limit for meta title & description tag to display in Search Engine Result Pages. Please understand that there is no limit on how long we can make our title & description, but after the limit, it will be cut off in search engine result pages.

This limit is varying on different search engines & getting a brief idea about this limits will help us to show compelling title & search description for our web pages.

Meta title & description limit on Google

The Google shows 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title & minimum 156 Characters (Including Spaces) for search descriptions Description.

If we don’t have a meta description in our web pages or if Google realize that it can display a more matured description for that web pages, it will automatically make a search description up to 320 characters using different sentence in our web pages. In such cases, we don’t have any control on Google search descriptions.

Meta title & description limit on Bing

The Bing shows 65 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title & up to 150 Characters (Including Spaces) for search descriptions. But some of Bing search descriptions are seen up to 185 characters.

Meta title & description limit on Yahoo

In Yahoo search results, we can seen page title up to 72 Characters (Including Spaces) & it shows up to 161 Characters (Including Spaces) for search Description.

Meta title & description limit on

The shows 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title & instead of meta description, it show a snippet of text from that page up to 312 characters for search description.


We can seen that the length limit for title & descriptions on search pages varying according to different Search engines. Also they updates there algorithm & policies to give best result for users.

So considering all these facts about search engines result pages, I like to choose up to 70 characters for my meta title tags & up to 160 characters for my meta description tags.

These numbers are consider as a general rule to limit our meta title & meta description length. You can do some additional searches & then choose your limit to display a more compelling title & description for your visitors.

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