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  1. Switch Magento 2 environment mode
  2. Install Magento 2 using composer
  3. Upgrade PHP version to 7 on Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04
  4. Install Atom text editor - Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04
  5. Find recently modified, created or accessed files - Linux
  6. Convert video and audio files - Linux
  7. Delete meta values for all posts - WordPress
  8. Get current store details - Magento 1.9
  9. Simple ways to improve page conversion on product page
  10. Encrypt Email Addresses - PHP
  11. The add_image_size() function - WordPress best practices
  12. Remove page title using filter - WordPress
  13. Comment out code in Liquid Template Language
  14. Remove Plugin Stylesheets and Scripts - WordPress
  15. Get blog page URL - WordPress
  16. Customized Product Query using WP_Query - WooCommerce
  17. User names for connecting to AWS EC2 instances via SSH
  18. A Bash script for automated WordPress backup
  19. Check if list elements are integer - Python
  20. IO redirection - Linux
  21. Disabling the wp-cron.php - WordPress
  22. Initiate action when post was updated - WordPress
  23. Remove password strength meter - WooCommerce
  24. Create MySQL database backup using `mysqldump` - Linux Command
  25. Check if file exist? - Bash
  26. Disable Comments on Media Attachment Page - WordPress
  27. Sort elements in a list - Python
  28. Use wild card in Linux commands
  29. Basic & useful Linux commands
  30. Send admin notification when a new post published - WordPress
  31. Custom post type with Post ID as slug for single post - WordPress
  32. Redirect user after password reset - WordPress
  33. Find and replace last occurrence of a character in string - Python
  34. Create sub directories recursively - Bash script
  35. Move Pagination to top - WooCommerce
  36. Useful bash script for a developer
  37. Override product short description - WooCommerce
  38. Clean the page head - WordPress
  39. Override default breadcrumb - WooCommerce
  40. Display percentage of savings on sale badge - WooCommerce
  41. Remove Sale badge - WooCommerce
  42. Add custom style sheet on new post or edit post admin pages - WordPress
  43. Anchor tag with target attribute - Markdown
  44. Read the text on images - Browser extension
  45. Make a string's first character as uppercase - PHP
  46. Add custom class on images - WordPress
  47. Change phpMyAdmin access location - LEMP server
  48. Securely copy or transfer files across hosts - command line
  49. Basic commands to manage Exim mail server
  50. Identify remote web server
  51. Create MySql database and user - command line
  52. Customize WooCommerce placeholder image
  53. Change WooCommerce pagination next and previous text
  54. Limit maximum, minimum quantity and quantity step - WooCommerce
  55. Display featured products - WooCommerce
  56. Override product short description - WooCommerce
  57. Display an array in a readable format - PHP
  58. Automatically shut down computer after downloading files - Linux command
  59. Add or remove Google fonts in RWD theme - Magento 1.9
  60. The shutdown command in Linux
  61. A quick guide to write your first Bash script
  62. Allow customer to purchase only one item - WooCommerce
  63. Convert .ppk file to .pem file & connect to remote server via SSH - Linux
  64. Tweaks on WooCommerce page title using woocommerce_page_title filter
  65. Update Ubuntu server via command line
  66. Rename files and folders via command line - Linux
  67. Move files and folders via command line - Linux
  68. Compress and decompress files using command line tools - Linux
  69. Do some action after WooCommerce order completed
  70. Check if product is already in cart and use custom Add to Cart button text - WooCommerce
  71. Display product price for logged in users only - WooCommerce
  72. Change WooCommerce default product sorting labels
  73. Remove WooCommerce default product sorting options
  74. Download files using Wget - Linux command line tool
  75. Change default sender name and email of WordPress notifications
  76. Change Place Order button text in WooCommerce checkout page
  77. Change Proceed to Checkout text in WooCommerce Cart page
  78. Remove navigation links from Magento account dashboard sidebar
  79. Quickly change translatable strings using gettext filter - WordPress
  80. Remove WooCommerce default product sorting options
  81. Send notification to administrator on WooCommerce user registration
  82. Search text in a directory using grep - Linux command line tool
  83. Optimize Contact Form 7 for Better Performance - WordPress
  84. Remove query string from static resources ( CSS & Javascript ) - WordPress
  85. Conditional Tags for WooCommerce
  86. Tools for web server load testing and performance benchmarking
  87. Change Continue Shopping button link on WooCommerce cart page
  88. Determine the status of a script - WordPress
  89. Get WordPress attachment ID from the file URL
  90. Get values of product custom attribute - WooCommerce
  91. Check if WordPress sidebar have active widgets
  92. Display total items and total price in cart - WooCommerce
  93. Add SKU in cart page detail - WooCommerce
  94. Get Product gallery images - WooCommerce
  95. Strip HTML tags from WordPress Content
  96. Get WordPress page content from Post ID using get_post()
  97. Redirect user after successfull registration - WordPress
  98. Disable default WordPress dashboard widgets
  99. Add Open Graph meta tags in Magento
  100. Simple spam protection on contact forms using hidden input field
  101. Style placeholder text of input fields - CSS3
  102. Create and use custom Image attribute in Magento
  103. Optimize Magento Database by clean up log entries for better performance
  104. Redirect to last added product category page from continue shopping button on cart page - Magento
  105. Get WordPress Page permalinks in template files using Page ID, Name or Slug
  106. Add Odd or Even class to posts in loop - WordPress Themes
  107. Add default post class in WordPress themes
  108. Turn on WordPress Error Reporting
  109. Creating custom variables in Magento & accessing them in template files
  110. Remove customer login title on all Magento pages
  111. Vertical margin and padding are not working in labels – Quick fix
  112. Move Magento installation from one server to another
  113. Display special price as percentage of savings pramotion in Magento
  114. Centering a DIV on screen using translate() transforms property with percentage values
  115. Hide text using CSS – a neat and better approch
  116. Display Custom Post type posts in WordPress default blog pages
  117. Display all products without pagination – Magento
  118. Disable multiple address checkout in Magento
  119. Add new class to body via local.xml file – Magento
  120. Remove top links one by one in Magento using local.xml file
  121. Add custom breadcrumb for pages that miss default breadcrumb – Magento
  122. Add a mini login form to header – Magento
  123. Enable post tags for pages -WordPress
  124. Change page template via local.xml file – Magento
  125. Call static blocks in template file – Magento
  126. Display all sites in a network as a drop down list – WordPress
  127. Call a template file – Magnto
  128. Display WordPress post and page ID in admin interface
  129. Add a home page link in Magento default top navigation
  130. .htaccess, 404 error and LAMP server
  131. Replace Sort by “Position” text on toolbar to Sort By “Default” – Magento
  132. Install latest Netbeans on Linux Mint / Ubuntu
  133. How change the document root of the Apache in LAMP Server?
  134. Add a search form in WordPress navigation menu
  135. Add an Add to cart button outside a product page – WooCommerce
  136. How to change Add to cart button text in WooCommerce
  137. How Override / edit WooCommerce template files – WordPress
  138. Remove default WooCommerce checkout input fields – WordPress
  139. WooCommerce add to cart button directly redirect to checkout page – WordPress
  140. Enable featured image in WordPress pages
  141. Add custom Javascript and CSS in WordPress
  142. Adding custom image size for WordPress media Library
  143. The basics of WordPress post thumbnail
  144. Enable Excerpt in WordPress pages
  145. Display page ( post ) content from page ( post ) ID – WordPress
  146. Hide / Disable WordPress admin bar
  147. Check a number is even or odd in PHP
  148. Fix for PHP Warning – Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …
  149. Create custom WordPress search form in easy steps
  150. Make custom styles only for Mozilla Firefox
  151. Create custom menus for WordPress themes
  152. Add or remove stylesheet & scripts in Magento themes using local.xml
  153. Move right sidebar cart in to left using local.xml – Magento
  154. Add custom PHP code in Magento CMS page
  155. User friendly product availability message in Magento
  156. Service Temporarily Unavailable – Disable maintenance mode in Magento
  157. Add total items & price in top links – Magento
  158. Hide Paypal Logo from sidebar – Magento 1.8
  159. Use different header file for WordPress
  160. Display top level categories & sub categories from template files - Magento
  161. Display all product reviews on product page – Magento
  162. Replace filter links in layered navigation with checkbox – Magento
  163. Add to wishlist & Add to compare links in product list page - Magento
  164. Display breadcrumb on any template file – Magento
  165. change number of up-sell products – Magento
  166. Display login and logout links from template file - Magento
  167. Display top level categories from template files - Magento
  168. Make a tag based related posts list for WordPress
  169. Exclude Pages from WordPress Search query
  170. Insert content after each posts with filter hook - WordPress
  171. Remove Post revisions from WordPress Database
  172. Enable template path hints in Magento front end
  173. Different user related URL for template files in Magento
  174. Add to cart button on upsell products in product detail page – Magento
  175. Restore deleted project pages in Netbeans IDE
  176. Quickly comment out code block in NetBeans IDE - Keyboard shortcut
  177. Replace footer text in WordPress dashboard
  178. Add to cart button in related products on product detail page – Magento
  179. The basics about packages and themes in Magento
  180. Redirect to post if search results only returns one post – WordPress
  181. Random banner in Magento using static blocks
  182. Change admin path after installation – Magento
  183. The basics of Magento template hierarchy
  184. Highlight Author’s Comment in WordPress posts
  185. Display upcoming posts in WordPress
  186. Change default Gravatar for comments – WordPress
  187. Set up custom header, footer or sidebar for different category posts – WordPress
  188. Show post excerpts in archives and index pages in WordPress
  189. Display categories as drop down list in WordPress template file
  190. Add WordPress shortcode in template file
  191. The Git & official Git book “Pro Git”
  192. Exclude posts from WordPress home page based on their category
  193. Custom CSS styles for individual WordPress posts
  194. Disable HTML content in WordPress comments
  195. Create a random post page in WordPress
  196. Change WordPress logo in Login page
  197. The basics of GET & POST methods in PHP
  198. Use first Post image as featured image in WordPress
  199. The Markdown markup language, syntax and examples
  200. Set up GitHub pages & Custom domain for GitHub pages
  201. Display posts published one year ago - WordPress
  202. List our most commented posts as popular posts in WordPress
  203. Get posts with custom field & specific value - WordPress
  204. Remove login error message from WordPress
  205. Make custom taxonomies for WordPress as a plugin
  206. Exclude categories from category list - WordPress
  207. Remove website field in comment form – WordPress
  208. Modify excerpt length & more tag – WordPress
  209. Empty WordPress trash before 30 days
  210. Add a temporary maintenance session for WordPress site
  211. Optimize web pages by disabling Etags
  212. Make a custom post type for WordPress as a plugin
  213. Turn off globbal_register in PHP via .htaccess file – Apache web server
  214. Make a theme independent static page for WordPress
  215. Delete all spam comments in WordPress using SQL query
  216. AUTO INCREMENT a Field in MySQL
  217. Disable image Hotlinking via .htaccess
  218. Make a WordPress child theme to learn basics
  219. The basics about WordPress template hierarchy
  220. Basics of PHP sessions – start, store values & destroy or unset them
  221. Using Google reCAPTCHA with PHP
  222. Find files using glob() - PHP function
  223. Optimize web pages using compression with mod_deflat or mod_gzip Apache modules
  224. Optimize web pages by leverage Browser Caching
  225. Date formats in Liquid Templating Engine & Jekyll
  226. Array functions in PHP
  227. Understand & avoid PHP_SELF exploits
  228. Add meta description in Jekyll posts
  229. All about the !important CSS declaration
  230. The meta title & meta description length limit on Search Engines Result Pages
  231. An introduction about CSS3 media queries
  232. Best SEO practices in Meta description
  233. Add meta description on Anchor CMS default theme
  234. Self submit a form values using PHP_SELF
  235. Add Google analytics on Anchor CMS
  236. Anchor CMS – a lightweight, minimal & Open Source blog engine
  237. An introduction to Static site generators
  238. Escape Liquid template tags in Jekyll posts
  239. ID or Class - Selectors and there semantic use in HTML
  240. The input types in HTML5 form element
  241. Some HTML5 elements & its breif intro
  242. Noindex Jekyll posts using meta robot tags
  243. Handle a basic HTML form with PHP
  244. Difference between HTML & XML
  245. Make an Archive page for Jekyll without plugins
  246. Add Meta description & get more visitors for web pages